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Post 155: Time to try something new!

Beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, Canada We have been on the rugged, but beautiful West Coast of Canada for over a year now. Almost everyday we see boats of all types and sizes go in and out of the harbour. Small ‘tinies’ to large commercial fishing trawlers – monohulled sailboats to 50′ catamarans, kayaks,

Post 154 Bailey joins our family

Post 154 Bailey joins our family October 22, 2019 Bailey came to us via West Jet and a volunteer companion, all the way from Behchoko, North West Territories. Her short bio says her birthday is March 29, 2019. lol She was supposed to be 4 years old.  We had planned on adopting a 4 year

Post 151: Life in Winter Harbour, BC

Life in Winter Harbour, BC at The OutPost Living and working  in Winter Harbour, BC is quite interesting and unique. Life here at The OutPost,  is different from what we knew before.  There are only a small handful of full time residents, along with people who come to work here during the summer.  Then you

Post 150: A Snails Trail – Day 9

Post 150: A Snails Trail – Day 9 Port Hardy, our destination. Once there, we left  Highway 19 and head towards Winter Harbour. The highway was quite decent until we got closer to Port Harty. Then the roads become only 2 lanes, and bumpy.  Man we hadn’t seen anything yet lol. The big eventful turn

Post 149: A Snails Trail – Day 8

Post 149: A Snails Trail – Day 8 We finally arrive in Vancouver, BC. It was a very long trip with some interesting sights and events :). Arriving at a location suggested on various sites, we park behind a very small Walmart on a  side street.  There were trailers and truck campers lining these roads