The About Us Page :)


Hello there, we are a retired couple who decided to sell our house and travel around North America. We actually got our “WHEELS” sort of speak,  in May 2017. So far, we have had a great time and haven’t regretted the decision a single moment.

Our two loyal travelling companions  (Lucky and Sierra) have been enjoying it as much as we have.

Bill and his 2 buddies - Lucky and Sierra
Wyoming – BLM – Government Gully Road

Like most retirees, we have lived long enough to have had many great life experiences:


The last few years, Joy drove a school bus. She will tell you she had the most awesome elementary and high school kids! She has the same routes for almost 4 years and loved every minute of it!

Prior to the school bus, Joy worked in Real Estate and became a Recreational Pilot.


Bill has been retired for 1.5 years now. His last ‘real’ job was at MCAP, a private Mortgage company in Toronto Ontario Canada. Prior to MCAP he had a successful career in Information Technology  for over 30 years. His early years he worked at IBM and then as an independent consultant.

Our Best Job Together;

Is raising our 3 sons. We are very proud of them. Our oldest is married to a lovely girl and they have two wonderful children, our other two boys have delightful girl friends that we love.