The About Us Page :)


Hello there, we are a retired couple who decided to sell our house and travel around North America. We actually got our “WHEELS” sort of speak,  in May 2017. So far, we have had a great time and haven’t regretted the decision a single moment.

Our two loyal travelling companions  (Lucky and Sierra) have been enjoying it as much as we have. Sadly late July 2019, Sierra past away. She had had a wonderful life and loved to travel. For 3 months, her best friend Lucky was sad and lonely, so we finally added a new member to our family. Bailey. More about Bailey in our posts.

Bill and his 2 buddies - Lucky and Sierra
Wyoming – BLM – Government Gully Road

Like most retirees, we have lived long enough to have had many great life experiences:


The last few years, Joy drove a school bus. She will tell you she had the most awesome elementary and high school kids! She had the same routes for almost 4 years and loved every minute of it!

Prior to the school bus, Joy worked in Real Estate and became a Recreational Pilot.


Bill has been retired since May 2016 now. His last ‘real’ job was at MCAP, a private Mortgage company in Toronto Ontario Canada. Prior to MCAP he had a successful career in Information Technology  for over 30 years. His early years he worked at IBM and then as an independent consultant.

Our Best Job Together;

Is raising our 3 sons. We are very proud of them. Our oldest is married to a lovely girl and they have three wonderful children. Our middle son married the love of his life in May 2019. So glad we were there to participate in this speical occasion. Our youngest son, has a delightful girl friend who keeps him on his toes.

We love all our children, grand children and daughter in laws. We are very fortunate to have all of them in our lives.