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Post 31A: LED Lights Save Power!

LED Lights Reduce Battery Consumption and Heat As we mentioned in our earlier post Off Grid Living, we are still researching ways to reduce our needs when dry camping. LED Lights are our latest discovery. Currently we have a full hookup site, however when we start traveling again, our hope is to boondock (dry camp)

Post 36: How to apply for a passport

How American Citizens apply for a passport. After finding the passport application information for Canadians, Joy wanted to give the same advantage to Americans. My American friends, this is the on how to apply for a passport. A brief overview is below. In the United States, thousands of Post Offices US will accept first time passport applications

Post 31: Off Grid Living

Off Grid Living Although we did a lot of research and tried to learn from other RVers on how to live Off Grid, until we gain our own experience, we are sure we will need to adjust our equipment and practices. Our initial thoughts (and so far so good), we decided we would need: an