Post 51: Finding Medical Insurance to travel anywhere!

Finding Medical Insurance

Sept 26, 2017

Since we had so much trouble finding Medical Insurance  at a reasonable price, we decided to share what we did find finally! We were searching one day, just as every day, and we came across this website called SecuriGlobe .

Unfortunately, because we were looking for something so specific, we had to call in because we couldn’t get a quote on line.  BUT, we lucked out when we got to speak to a SUPER nice guy called Mark, who was extremely informative and very patient.

He explained how everything worked, and that they have 14 different insurance companies that his company works with. He finds the one that will insure you with any health issues that you may or may not have for the most reasonable price.

SecuriGlobe will insure you to travel anywhere in the world just about. There are some restrictions which are due to war, or government bans or weather, things like that.

The companies SecuriGlobe uses are well known companies such as Blue Cross, Manulife Financial, AIG just to name a few. This company also has other insurance plans  that may be of use to you. They are certainly worth a call. 🙂

F.A.Q. ON TRAVEL INSURANCE (answers are found on their website)

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