Post 38: Insurance for our Travel Trailer


We had one last item on our to do list, before heading out on the road. That was to obtain insurance for our travel trailer.

Turns out, it was a bit harder than we thought!

First we started by calling  the Insurance Broker we had been using for years. We explained that:

  1. Our auto insurance needed to be switched from our current car to the truck we were purchasing.
  2. Our house insurance needed to be canceled on the close of the sale.
  3. We needed coverage for our new Travel Trailer and that we would be living full time in the trailer, traveling around.

Well, switching the auto insurance and cancelling the home insurance was simple. However, coverage for the trailer was becoming a little more difficult. Our broker explained to us that because we were travelling so much, some companies would not cover us.

Afer several days of the broker being unable to find coverage for our trailer (it became clear she had never heard of full time RVing), we started looking into it ourselves.


We had been using the website Rvillage to do our research on full time RVing. There was a post about RV Insurance in the Canadian RVers group. The post mentioned Aviva Insurance. This gave us our starting point. After a little searching we found an Insurance broker near us that seemed to know what we needed – Wayfarer Insurance Brokers.

The insurance broker we used to find Insurance for our Travel Trailer
Wayfarer Insurance

We scoured their website and it appeared to us, they specialized in RVs and even full time RVing!

We called Wayfarer, and after a very informative conversation with Norma we had our quote. Norma also mentioned that if we were a member of Good Sam, Explorer RV Club or a KOA Valued Card member, there was a discount.

In addition to insurance for the Travel Trailer (they insure all types of RVs), a Full Timers Package was available. This addon increased the coverage of the trailer contents and increased other coverages as well (see below).

There are many payment options available.

Aviva Insurance Policy Details:

We decided to signup for the insurance as well as Full Timers addon. The trailer in question is a 31′ 2016 Keystone Springdale. Here’s the details of our policy.

Property Coverages.

  • $500 deductable.
  • $32,000 trailer replacement cost.
  • $2,500 detached private structures.
  • $6,400 personal property.
  • $2,000 emergency vacation expense.

Optional Coverage.

  • Water protection endorsement.
  • Emergency roadside assistance (basic).
  • Emercency vacation expense increased by $1,000.
  • CPL with Full Timers Package – personal property coverage increased by $15,000.
  • Liability coverage increased by $1,000,000.

Liability Coverage.

  • 2,000,000 Legal Liability.
  • $5,000 voluntary medical payments.
  • $1,000 damage to property.

The premium for the above is $766 annually.

Dealing with Wayfarer  was a very informative and a pleasant experience. It was a pleasure dealing with experienced folks!








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