Post 154 Bailey joins our family

Post 154 Bailey joins our family October 22, 2019

Bailey came to us via West Jet and a volunteer companion, all the way from Behchoko, North West Territories. Her short bio says her birthday is March 29, 2019. lol She was supposed to be 4 years old. 

We had planned on adopting a 4 year old dog, to giver her a home. Most people want puppies, rarely will people adopt an older dog. When Bill picked Bailey up at the airport and let her out of the cage, he found a medium sized puppy. lol 

She is very sweet and super intelligent. LOVES TO RUN..and does it so beautifully. Lucky and Bailey love to run together in the open, lol but Bailey is too fast for Lucky now. So Lucky tries to out smart her to catch Bailey.

Bailey was referred to as a Northern Special in her paper work lol. She is a Husky mix, blonde and white. Bailey arrived with all her shots, a health check, dewormed, spayed and microchipped. 

She even came with her own travelling crate all for the same price to adopt a dog at any local SPCA. 

We have to say the NWT SPCA is quite the organization and performs wonderful work with the help of many many volunteers.


Bailey 2020

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