Post 52: Our Summer is coming to an end ):

Our Summer is coming to an end. 😢

Oct 4th, 2017 – where did summer go?

As summer comes to an end, fall colours are on full display
Fall colours

Here we sit outside the trailer on an unusally mild day for October. Wind is rustling the leaves on the trees as they begin to turn colour and tumble gracefully to the ground. Unfortunately, our summer is coming to an end. Our emotions go from sad to excited. We will be leaving our friendly home at Maplewood Acres RV Park soon and heading back to our transition campground in London, On at Campers Corner  for a few days.

We want to say good bye to a few friends in the London area, and complete a few necessary errands. Then we will be off on our new winter adventure. Which is why we are excited. 🙂

Mean time, we say good-bye to the new friends we have made at Maplewood Acres and wish them a safe and happy winter. We also think about all the fun and things we saw while we were in this area.

We had some new adventures and some adventures were revisiting old places of our childhood and/or teen years (even saw the first home we purchased as a married couple). Bill took a lot of pictures with his spiffy new camera and learned a lot along the way. So, we decided to make a short movie of our photos for all to enjoy of Maplewood Acres, Montreal and the surrounding areas.

We find with pictures, we never seem to forget the places we have been. The sounds of rushing water or the smells of food cooking. As long as we have our pictures, our journey will always be fresh in our memory.

We would like to thank the staff at Mapplewood Acres RV Park for welcoming us this year and many of the campers for making our stay so enjoyable.

We hope you enjoy the movie!

Links to some of the attractions in the video:

Maplewood Acres RV Park

Upper Canada Village

St Raphael’s Ruins

Old Montreal

Campers Corners


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