POST 9: Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado

Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado

June 1st, 2017

We had a super day travelling through the hills of Denver and Colorado Springs. We are now camping in a really nice state park overlooking Lake Pueblo. It is called Lake Pueblo State Park, Colorado and has over 400 camp sites.

Lake Pueblo, is rated as a fishing “hot spot”.  Provides over 4,600 surface acres of water, 60 miles of shoreline and almost 10,000 acres of land for boating, camping, wildlife viewing and just plain relaxing.

In this state park, we have electricity, can fill up the water tank, and we are able to dump if we like. There are free showers and picnic tables which are sheltered. The campground was extremely quiet.

The price was $7 to get into the park and $24 to camp with electric hook up.

Bill met a young woman while he was registering who asked him the cutest thing. She asked if she could ask what may be a dumb question? He said sure, then she proceeded to ask, ” If she scratched our Canadian money, would it smell like Maple syrup?” He had to struggle to keep a straight face, but said ah “No, but I have some if you would like to try.”

Wonder how these myths get started?




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