Post 47: Cool Signs and Mail boxes we see along the way

Cool Signs and Mail boxes we see along the way

Sept 12, 2017

As we drive along, we see such cool signs, we decided to start keeping track of them. We will start posting them here and on Instagram so every one may enjoy them and we can remember them our selves.

Here are the first few we found in Quebec, Canada


Here is another one, warning drivers to go slower and watch for children.

North Lancaster, Ont, Cda
Children being Children, Now THAT says it all, Drive Slowly!!!
Valleyfield, Quebec
Valleyfield, Quebec

Thought this one was cute;  Translated this means:

Vous n’etes pas seuls  ( You are not alone)

.Merci de laisser paser… ( Thank you for letting them pass)

We thought all the ?? coming out of the little guys head was cute 🙂 Caught our eye and made us read the sign 🙂

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