POST 11: Snowslide Campground, Colorado

SnowSlide Campground, Colorado

June 4th and 5th, 2017

Bill found the Snowslide Campground, Colorado on  Campendium. For $8 a night and the gorgeous spot we found, we just had to stay for 2 nights.

June 4th  was Bill’s birthday and June 5th was our anniversary. We   thought THIS was the perfect place to stay and celebrate both occasions.

Bill and his buddies the dogs, went on a hike Monday morning (June 5th) along the raging river (winter run off) which ran right beside our campsite. They had a great time. The river was 10 feet from our RV, the sound of the rapids put us to sleep both nights.

Returning from Durango  on a supply run, we discovered a moose standing on the road. He took his sweet time getting off the road. He did not seem too bothered by us being there watching him lol. What a beauty he was!

Video with sound

The video below shows a bit of the creek. The real purpose of the video is to hear the water rushing down the mountain, amazing! Just click and let it roll :).

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