POST 26: Camper’s Corners, London, Ont

Camper’s Corners, London, Ont

June 30th, 2017

We had called ahead and reserved the last available spot at Camper’s Corners, London, Ont. This was going to be the long weekend in Canada.

We arrived at the US/CANADA customs on June 30th. There was a 40 min wait to get up to the nice young lady in the booth. Canadian Customs was cleared in about 2 mins. Welcome home to CANADA :)))!!

We had been on a mission coming home. We wanted to be back in Canada for July 1st.  Canada’s 150 Birthday! :). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! We made it!

Canada's Centennial Flag for 150's Birthday
Canada’s Centennial Flag for 150’s Birthday

We spent a week at Camper’s Corners. Was nice being in a place where  they knew our name and we knew where everything was lol.

Visiting with our 2 sons Chris and Bill and his family was a lot of fun. Coming  back to reality, we had laundry and errands that were a must to catch up on.

As we camped at Camper’s Corners, we made multiple phone calls and sent emails. We were looking for a place to stay near the Quebec/Ontario Border just off Hwy 401.

We wanted to be in that location to spend time with our middle son Sean and his girlfriend Marie Sophie.

This was  Montreal’s 375th Birthday this year. Both of us were from Montreal originally. We were looking  forward to going back  and reliving old memories.

Sadly it was not an easy task finding a new place to camp. Places were full, or didn’t respond to emails or phone calls.

Our rating on Campers Corner RV Park is ;

Luckily, we were able to find  Maplewood Acres RV Park ! Dave (the owner) who answered the phone was friendly and responded immediately. He even called back to confirm the spot would accommodate our trailer and our needs.


Now, we are happy to say, our new host for the summer is Maplewood Acres RV Park. This park is situated a few minutes north of the 401. Nestled among the trees, Maplewood Acres is a lovely camping area. With very friendly people.

We will go on about this lovely place in our next post 🙂

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