Post 82; Our Big Move on New Year’s Eve

Our Big Move on New Year’s Eve

Dec 31st, 2017

Waking up on New Year’s Eve, we certainly did not realize we would be making “Our Big Move” from Quartzsite. We usually make our plans for the  day either the night before or over breakfast the day of. Our plans for New Year’s Eve consisted of going to Blythe, Calif to pick up a few groceries so we could have a nice dinner on New Year’s Day.

For some reason out of the blue, on the way to Blythe, Bill asked Joy to find out where the LTVA BLM campground was located near Blythe CA. With a quick search, Joy located the campground a few minutes north of Blythe. It is called Midland LTVA, CA

After picking up the necessary items we needed for the next day, it was like that old Kenny Rogers song, “Right or Left at Oak Street”. We decided to turn right and headed up to look for the new BLM campground. Midland LTVA was not difficult to find at all. The view along the way was pretty nice as well.

Made a new friend!

When we reached the new area, we drove past to get an idea of how big it was. Then, we drove in to find the Camp Host to ask a few questions. THAT is when Bill got to meet Byran. Byran was a SUPER friendly fellow, who gave Bill all kinds of great advice. With arms waving all over the place, Byran told Bill where to have a look for the perfect spot.

Byran suggested we cross over the road to camp as there were more trees over there and it was a bit nicer. The side Bryan was on, we were only getting “Extended Tmobile” service on our phone for the internet. So we were a little hesitant about moving Quartzsite to Midland.

Bill said his good-byes to Byran and we left to cross the road. Of course, we went the wrong direction and went onto private property. Catching on pretty quickly we turned around and came back out onto the road only to find Byran coming towards us in his truck lol.

He jumped out laughing and came over to us. “Sorry folks you went on to private property, I just have to take care of my Canadian Folks here you know. :). He then went on to say he would be happy to show us where we should be looking, we just had to follow him.

A couple of hundred feet down the road he turned right into a different entrance and stopped. Got out of his truck again  and told us we could go anywhere with in the marked boundaries in this area. He then wished us Happy New Years in case he didn’t see us again.

Finding a new spot

As soon as we had turned right into this area Joy , who  had been looking at her phone  noticed that we were getting 4G  for Internet. We were a bit shocked. So we searched the area watching that on the phone. In the past, we had noticed that internet was intermittent in areas. So we wanted to know if that would happen here.

This area wasn’t super huge, BUT, there were only a handful of people camped here and they were spread far apart. It didn’t take long for us to find a big tree and a nice area with an existing fire pit that we liked.

Once we established this was an ideal spot, and we still had 4G, Bill got his phone out and tried YouTube lol. He was thrilled like a little kid because for the first time in many months he could watch YouTube. That sold the deal.

Last decision was… do we come back today or wait until tomorrow. Being the little kids we can be at times, we decided to move tonight… NEW YEAR’S EVE!

The Big Move

We quickly drove back the 30 mins to our current location in Quartzsite and began to pack up. We have our routine down pat. Bill takes care of outside and Joy takes care of inside. We usually finish at the same time.

Then Joy goes out and makes a final sweep outside to pick up the little things that we have put out to make the place more homey, like chimes, solar lights and a carpet out front etc.

Finally we are hooked up and ready to go. The drive back was easy because the traffic was light. Felt odd pulling our home again, we hadn’t pulled the trailer in over a month. :).  But we made it back to the new location before sunset. Had the minimum set up outside before dark and inside was done and looking like home again.

We even got to see a GORGEOUS sunset over a line of mountains that was well worth the move.

The setting sun was astonishing both East and West of us. One way it was shining golden on the mountains, the other way it became pink and purple as it sank behind the mountains. Ahhh our new home 🙂

We will write more as we discover our new home, but so far, we are really glad we moved. OH, one more thing, Happy New Year’s every one :).





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