Post 70; South Llano River State Park, Texas

South Llano River State Park, Texas

Nov  8th – 10th, 2017

We found South Llano River State Park, Texas on Campendium and it was another delightful surprise. The Ranger Head Quarters is staffed with super friendly people and holds a few souvenir items available for sale.

Originally we were only going to stay for one night. Once we had a look at the maps for the park and all the trails that we could wander on, we decided to extend our stay for 2 additional nights.

A view of our campsite

The layout of the camping area is amazing. The road is paved and well marked with each site numbered. Every site has two white lines marking where to back your trailer between to make it easier to park when it is dark. Now how SMART is that ??

Each site is equipped with electricity, water, fire pit, and a covered picnic table on a cement pad. The site also comes with the metal dual hanging pole for lamps. We just love this concept in the state parks.

The camp ground is not overly private, but the sites are laid out in such a way that you are not on top of your neighbour and there are trees between you and the next camper.

Exploring the State Park

Bill and the dogs had to go exploring on our first day. They found MANY deer like we had already past on the way into the Ranger Station. The gang had even managed to do one of the trails already.

Bill and Lucky went out again a second time on a trail. This time they were even more fortunate to see some wild life. Lucky got to see her first Armadillo. WHHOOweee  was she excited. She jumped straight up and down wanting to go play with this new friend. Apparently the armadillo was not as impressed with Lucky. He just wandered away in his own good time. (Did you know armadillo are gray?)

Bird Blinds

Nice looking guy

Bill was quite excited to find these Bird Blinds, he took his camera down into a few of them and waited for the birds to show up. One of the Bird Blinds is so nice, there was theater seating in it.

Bill and Joy walked down to one on Friday. We saw quite a few male and female cardinals along with a few other birds we were not familiar with. Unfortunately, the dogs were not happy being left in the truck this time and wanted to come with us.

We then went back for the girls and brought them  back on the trail for a long walk. Both dogs went nuts sniffing out all the great smells from the deer and other animals that must wander through the forest at some time through the day and night.

Back in the Truck again.

We were back in the truck again, ready to drive around a bit to do some exploring. Lucky had her window wide open so she could be on watch as she always is when we are going slow.

Normally when she spots other animals, like cows, dogs or even deer, she will just stare at them intently or whine softly as we go by. This day, WOW SHE SHOCKED US! Lucky saw a deer up close! Not only did she jump up so that her paws were on the outside of the window and her head completely out! She LAUNCHED herself out of the window and landed on her shoulder on the ground. Picked herself up and was gone at a run after the deer.

Luckily Bill was only going at a crawl so we could watch for deer. We stopped immediately and jumped out calling for her to come back. Of course the deer was long gone. Lucky got so caught up in smelling the trail she ended up going in circles in one area. Half wanting to obey and come back to us and half torn in wanting to smell all these great smells.

Within a minute or two, we had a leash back on her and she came easily back to the truck again. Joy thinks Lucky was in a little shock at what she had just done. This was so out of character for her lol. We realize how LUCKY we were that Lucky was not injured when she jumped from the truck.

A lesson learned now, either she will not get her windowed opened all the way any more, or Joy will be putting a lease on her in the truck so she cannot have a repeat performance.

South Llana River State Park

As for South Llana River State Park, this is a fantastic place to stay. We forgot to mention, they even have public washrooms and showers available.

There is also, walk in Tent camping if that is your interest. A river that you rent equipment to use on the water.

This state park, was well planned and has a great history.

Except from one of their maps;

“Situated on the pristine spring-fed South Llano River, the park offers several miles of hiking and biking trails, water based recreation and wildlife watching. Formerly a working ranch, South Llano River State Park is home to one of the largest Rio Grande Turkey roosts in Central Texas.”

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