POST 17: BoomTown (Reno) Nevada


June 17th, 2017

Very basic BOOMTOWN (RENO) NEVADA KOA camp ground
Safe to say, we needed a home for the night and it was there.

Boomtown KOA campground in Reno Nevada was found out of desperation. We could not find a place to stop that was free, or available even for money.  Our original place filled up just before we got there and so did everything else around it.

It was Father’s Day weekend and everyone else had booked ahead. We hadn’t thought of that because we didn’t know exactly when we were leaving Visalia.


Fortunately, most KOA campgrounds, if they are not full have an after hours “Serve yourself honor system” in place. They will leave at the front gate, a list of places that are available, a map, envelopes and costs of each site so you just fill in the information requested, tuck your required money inside, seal it and drop it in the locked box provided. Then go find your site and set up.

In the morning you check out if you have a Good Sam card, or CAA, or AAA or anything that may of given you a discount and they will refund you the difference.

Now as far as campgrounds go on our list of ratings, we were not here long enough to really appreciate it, as we arrived at 10 pm or so and left by 8 or 9 am.

The lots were very narrow for our 31 ft trailer and rather short, when you leave your truck attached, which makes sense if you are just pulling out the next morning. Also, your neighbours are really close beside you. Not a lot of green space between the two lots and many ‘keep off the grass’ signs??? The play area for the children had lots of trash. We expected more for the cost of the site.

It was actually difficult to get into the lot due to the crampness between each row and the size of the lots for each trailer. But then we are fairly large at 31 ft. If you have a smaller rig, you wouldn’t have any problems most likely.

All in all, not high on our list of recommendations.


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