Post 46: Haunted House Maplewood Acres

Haunted House

Sept 2nd, 2017

Maplewood Acres RV Park just had the most amazing Haunted House. This was all part of a packed full long weekend that they plan every year for their campers. Trick or Treating, Fireworks, Bingo!

Dave and Cathy and their loyal family and crew put on so much entertainment on this campground, there is a waiting list to become a seasonal camper here. NOW we know why.

This Haunted House is legendary. We had been told about it for a few weeks. Along with how many kids to expect for Trick or Treating. The whole weekend is a HUGE deal on this TOTALLY family orientated campground.

Joining in the FUN

We got in to the spirit of things and went nuts ourselves and decorated our trailer up and were very happy to give out candy to all the little ghost and goblins that came around Trick or Treating. We had never met such a polite group of kids in our lives. THEY ALL said thank you, THAT was the treat for us. 🙂

THE Haunted House

Now for this incredible Haunted House. We past by late afternoon to do a little snooping. Cathy (one of the owners) stopped us to ask if we were coming back to go through the house. Smiling, slightly embarrassed smiles, Joy declined saying sorry, she was too big of a chicken to go through. Cathy did her best to convince Joy she would love it, but Joy declined over and over saying thank you but no. Then Cathy went after Bill lol. He said (like a deer caught in headlights)” Ahh sure I will come back and go through it.”  Then laughing we tried to escape. lol

Then Cathy did the most surprising thing, she offered to take Joy through the Haunted House  backwards so as to not spoil the effect for Bill later when he went through it. She promised all the lights were on in most of it and no one would jump out at Joy. haha Joy had no choice but to agree and she was actually really curious to see inside SMILES!!! Cathy called this a “Chicken Run” appropriately enough haha.

So off we went in the back door. We went slowly through this maze of hallways meeting a few of the 30 actors that would be in the Haunted House later, and they proudly explained their small part in their area.


The work and imagination that went into this production just blew us away. For being total amateurs putting together this astonishing feat each and every year for many years, actually made us speechless.

Cathy told us some of the props were donated from museums, they even had a 100 lb Gargoyle suspended from the ceiling. Totally awesome!!

Bill did go back later to go through the Haunted House, but he said the crowd waiting to go through and the screams were enough for him to decide he had seen enough on his “Chicken Tour” and he quickly came home haha.

We would like to once again thank, Dave and Cathy for all the extraordinary work they put into this campground. Not only in the upkeep each and every day, but the entertainment they provide every weekend.

This Labor day weekend, they even had fireworks that included music from various themes :). Very well done and most enjoyable.

In our humble opinion we would rate this particular weekend


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