POST 15: MOOCHDOCKING in Visala, California

Visalia, California

June 10th to 17th, 2017

Today was a 6 + hour drive from ‘Vegas, through several mountain passes and HIGH HIGH winds. The roads had STEEP drop offs on the passenger side which DID NOT impress Joy at all. But we needed to get to Visalia, California.

Our cousin’s who lived in Visalia,  have a German Shepherd named Roscoe (so cool), which our dogs loved to play with right from the start. Our cousin suggested before we pulled up to just let the “girls out” as soon as we got there on the front lawn so the “canine” cousins could meet. We did and they just started playing right there.

That was a super idea considering all 3 dogs weigh over 100 lbs each. lol

Visalia, Calif.
Our destination.



WOW, today is our first official day of MOOCHDOCKING (living off a family member’s hydro and water and on their land for free).

We are in Visalia, Calif and staying in our cousin’s driveway.  This driveway is so big!!   Go ahead ask how big it is….This driveway is so big, we have both our opposite(facing) slides out, the 31ft trailer is parked in the driveway with about 10 ft in front and back of it to spare AND our  truck is beside it AND AND our cousin’s truck is pulled up beside that!!! Now how great is that lolol.

We ended up staying in Visalia until June 16th. It was a sad departure, but we hope to meet again in Oct in Quartzsite, Arizona. They have a 5th Wheel and love to camp as well. Thank you so very much CUZZZ for letting us MOOCHDOCK off you, love ya!!!

On the other hand, we lucked out because the next day temperatures went up to 43 c (111 f ) which was WAAYYY to hot for these little Canadian butts lol.

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