POST 7: Twin Lakes WildLife Management Area, Pleasant Dale, Nebraska

Twin Lakes WildLife Management Area

May 30th, 2017

Got a late start on our way to Twin Lakes Wildlife Management Area. A stop at Camping World to get a top for propane cover was unsuccessful. Our choices were to purchase a whole new propane cover or special order in just the cover. We would not be around long enough for that request.

Todays destination was close to Lincoln, Nebraska, 5 hrs 18 mins away. Our planned stopped was the Twin Lakes WildLife Management Area for the night. A gravel parking lot beside a huge lake. Super quiet except for the frogs. Dead end road in the country 5 mins from Hwy I80.

Sitting there, we smiled, as we listened to the bull frogs sing to the lady frogs. Waiting for the frogs to start the Budweiser song at any moment… confused the heck out of our puppy all night. Her head was going from side to side trying to understand what was being said lol.


We got up in the morning and went to look at the lake. Standing there, we watched the fish dancing in the shallow waters as they came in to lay their eggs. This was quite something to see.

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