Post 79: Quartsite, AZ and LTVA

Quartsite, AZ – Dome Rock Mountain

Nov. 30th, 2017

Nice welcome sign!

We arrived in Quartsite, AZ  on Nov. 30, 2017. Based on our research, we were a little overwhelmed. This LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) area was HUGE. There  were (11,400 acres). We made the decision to camp at Dome Rock Mountain for the first night. Dome Rock Mountain is BLM land that you may camp on for free upto 14 days, then you have to leave. Dome Rock Mountain is a mile or so outside of Quartsite.

Discovering LA POSA LTVA

Dec 1st, 2017

The next day we scouted around to decide where we wanted to park in Quartsite and tried to get the lay of the land. We found the BLM camp grounds that are called LTVA (Fee Long Term Campgrounds. This means that for $180.00 we may park on any of 6 or 7 different campgrounds in this group from Oct to April 16th, 2018. They also have a rate of $40.00 for a 2 week stay if you prefer.

There are no facilities in the 3 of the 4 Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) campgrounds right in Quartsite. Which are West Camping Area, closest to town, then North Camping Area across the road from there. Down the road about 2 miles  is where we decided to park, Tyson Wash Camping area and across the road from us is SOUTH CAMPING AREA. Now the South Camping Area is the only campground with dumping stations and fresh water. You must be registered with the LA POSA LTVA group to be able to use these facilities.

After scouting out Tyson Wash and speaking to some super people at the front gate, we went back, picked up our trailer and moved in to the perfect spot that we found away from the busy road and over looking the mountains and the setting sun each evening.

Dump stations and Fresh water

Now most months we imagine there are no line ups for the dumping facilities. There are 2 lanes to dump for your RV then you move to a different area to fill up with fresh water. This area has 4 different stations with 2 nozzles per filling station.

There is all so what they call a Blue boy dump station. For those people who have blue external holding tanks for their trailers that they bring to dump from rather than bring their whole trailer.  Not sure what kind of line up they will get :).

We have already found we can manage to go 7 days without needing to dump our tanks. We are contemplating in Jan when it is supposed to be super busy here that we may need to dump early morning or late at night to try and avoid the line ups. The main RV show is only supposed to be for 2 weeks. But then we read of things going on for Jan and Feb so, we shall see how it unfolds :).

Blog Postings

Our plan is to sit tight here for most of the winter. Each week we will probably take a day trip to see what is around this area. We have already been to Lake Havasu City to see the beautiful mountains, the lake and of course the Parker Dam. Stay tuned for that blog post with some interesting photos!

Now for some photos of Quartzsite, we will add more as we explore!



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