POST 22: Hershey Beach Camping Area, Sutherland State Recreation Area, Nebraska

Hershey Beach Camping Area

June 24th and 25th, 2017

Hershey Beach Camping Area , Sutherland State Recreation Area, Nebraska was not what we were expecting at all. But once we drove around and had a look at it, we decided to stay, for 2 nights to be exact :).

This was a “Self Serve” campground. The cost was $8 per night for Out of state vehicles and $6 per night for vehicles from Nebraska.

Hershey Beach Camping Area was a peninsula with water on all sides. One side was a small beach area. Camping is allowed on the beach  50 ft away from the water. The beach is well shaded and quite lovely.

Our trailer was too big to take down there without concerns about getting stuck. You could probably put 6 or 7  trailers down there with no hook ups.

The next area is a parking lot surrounded by trees and a boat launch, with a  circular road leading out to the other side of this peninsula.

A grassy/sandy area is situated on the opposite side of the peninsula. Well treed, great for camping for 4 or 5 sites. You cannot swim over on this side. There are several signs saying “No Swimming Water is Too Deep”.

Many people were fishing on this side and along the causeway. We saw fishing boats, water skiers, and pleasure crafts.


The only down fall to this campground was a plant of some kind with smoke stacks nearby. If you looked in the other 3 directions it was beautiful. Very peaceful really.

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