POST 14: HITCHIN’ POST RV PARK, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hitchin’ Post RV Park, Las Vegas, Nevada

June 9th, 2017

Sadly, we left the Canyon today. The wind gusts were unbelievable as we drove along the highway.

After fighting the wind, we made it to HITCHIN’ POST RV PARK,  just outside of Las Vegas. The campground was $33 a night and we didn’t mind in the least. We had to recharge a bunch of devices, our rv batteries, dump our grey and black water, fill our fresh water tank  AND do some laundry lol!! THAT one was HUGE!!

After getting the chores done, we took a drive down Las Vegas Blvd. What a crazy place! That drive HAS to be done at night by the way, to appreciate all the lights, signs AND PEOPLE lol!

We woke in the morning to the sounds of military planes taking off from Nellis Air Force base. The soaring sounds went on for an hour or so, upset the dogs out quite a bit.

Nice campground, would stay here again. Comments that we had read, said it wasn’t in a good part of town. We found the place had good security and we had no problems at all. People were friendly and we felt comfortable. The campground was in an industrial area.

At  HITCHIN’ POST RV PARK  we had site # 33. Some (blurry) pictures of the strip below…. you have to see it live to appreciate the HORDES of people who were on the side walks alone… never mind the cars driving slowly up and down the strip lol.

Hitchin’ Post RV Park Photos

Vegas Baby!

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