POST 5: Bugs and little things that came up along the way

Bugs and little things

May 28th, 2017

Back on the road again as we left Battle Creek Rest Area at 9:43 am, after finding homes for all of our toys in the front seat of the truck. (phones, chargers, maps, etc) and planned our next stop for tonight in Iowa City, 5.5 hrs away. But we found we had some bugs and little things that came up along the way.

We had a bad clanking in the trailer hitch that made us both nervous. Bill tinkered with it and thought he had it fixed.

Discovering  we had lost the top to the propane cover on the drive yesterday didn’t start the day off that well :(.


Not a huge deal but it  would have to be replaced. (We ended up replacing the top once we were back in Canada for about $20. Found it at CanAm RV in London, On).

Our rating for  Hwy 94 Rest Area – Battle Creek, MI  is 

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