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How to find places to stay?

How to find places to stay? We should start by saying, we have been researching this for over 12 months and we feel we have only scratched the surface. This post is based on our research and our recent experiences in finding free, or reasonably priced campsites to stay on.
We took the time to add a comment to all the places that we stayed at (in the Campendium and websites), with the hope it will assist those who come behind us. Previous comments left by other RVers helped us find awesome places to stay and avoid some places that were not suited to our rig.
The information below is to the best of our knowledge of how things work.  As we gain more experience, we will keep this post updated and improving. 🙂

 The Main websites we use.

To find places to stay, we use two main internet sites.


Both websites include:
  • Public campgrounds/campsites (Crown Land, BLM land, National Forest land)
  • Private campgrounds
  • State and Provincial Campgrounds
  • Federal Campgrounds.


If we can’t find a location using the first two sites, then we fall back to a third website:

In our experience, RVParky is better at finding a place close to you to spend a night (like a truck stop, rest area, or Walmart Parking lot that allows overnight parking). Beware! Not all Walmarts allow you to park overnight.


Finally, there is a forth website that we joined, but have not had the opportunity to use it yet is Boondockers Welcome!

We have used this site for information about upcoming places. If you are comfortable staying with strangers, this is the website for you! It is pretty simple to use, type in the location you want to stay at and it will give you a list of folks that are willing to have RVs stay in their driveway or property. Lots of folks use this site and love it!

Membership for 1 year for RV’ers that can’t host fellow RV’ers is $27.95. If you are able to offer boondocking at your location, membership is $21.95 per year.

One website we will be joining before we start our journy down south in October 2017 is Harvest Hosts. For a small annual fee they maintain a listing of Wineries, Farms and Museums across USA and Canada that welcome self-contained RVs. The annual membership fee is $44. If you sign up for auto renewal, the signup fee is $40 per year. See their other membership options here.

More general info…..

In Canada, ‘Crown Land’ is available for public use and is free to camp on. It is somewhat difficult to find. Campendium and Freecampsites both include some Crown Land.

Here is a website that talks about Crown Land in Ontario, Canada.

In the states, free camping can be found  with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest Service locations.

We successfully stayed on both types of sites on our trip to Calif. We never had any problems staying on these lands and we always felt safe. Complete darkness can of been a little overwhelming at times.

More more info on places to stay…

There are some YouTube videos that discuss this as well. Here are some links:

We understand that this is a lot of information.  It doesn’t take long to get used to using the different apps and flipping from one to the other as you need them.

A Snails Life and Lovin It, is Living the Life to us and we have been doing this since May 2017.  OK, maybe not the getting lost parts lol. BTW * (A snail takes their home with them where ever they go 🙂 ).

 If you ever have any questions or want more info, just send us an email.


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