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POST 20: Lyman KOA, Lyman, Wyoming

Lyman, Wyoming, Lyman KOA June 21, 2017 We found  a little KOA campground called  Lyman KOA, in Lyman, Wyoming. We decided to pay to stay. Our laundry basket was calling. lol. The main reason we would pay to stay really :). This little place  wasn’t a bad little place. It wasn’t overly busy and we got

POST 17: BoomTown (Reno) Nevada

BOOMTOWN (RENO) NEVADA June 17th, 2017 Boomtown KOA campground in Reno Nevada was found out of desperation. We could not find a place to stop that was free, or available even for money.  Our original place filled up just before we got there and so did everything else around it. It was Father’s Day weekend