Post 146: A Snails Trail Begins – Day 5

A Snails Trail Begins – Day 5

Today we woke up freezing lol. Day 4 the temps were 32 c and this morning we woke up to 8 c. The day was beautifully sunny and bright, but the temps never got over 22 c.  Quite a shock in just one day lol.

Got lucky

We got lucky on Day 4, with not seeing any tornadoes. Phew, was not looking forward to that experience. Not sure how Walmart would have felt about having 2 big dogs running into their store all wet and terrified lol.

Along the road today

Today was somewhat uneventful which is actually nice some times lol. What we did see was pretty interesting. Along the side of the road in the fields in Saskatchewan, we saw mounds of white salt. At least this is what it looked like to us. 

After doing some research, it turns out, we were looking at the  salt lakes of western Canada.

Here is a quick picture Joy was able to catch as we drove along.


A little further down the highway, we saw this incredibly long long freight train.


Last but not least, on our journeys today, we saw the World’s Largest Tee Pee. Almost missed catching a picture of this one lol

All in all it was not a bad day for sight seeing lol.

Our night camping spot

This evening, we found our way once again to a Walmart in Brooks, Alberta. Again, we were able to park along the edge of the huge parking lot. One side facing a very large field so we were able to put our slide out. The stair side is well within the parking spots so we were able to slide that side out as well.

There were 2 motor homes when we arrived and as I write this piece, a 4th truck and trailer pulled up behind us. 

An early end to our day, but gives us time to walk the girls, have a leisurely dinner and relax before heading to bed.

*When we got up to leave in the morning, there were 3 other rvs that had come in after we went to bed lol.

Thanks again Walmart, you are an awesome franchise.

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