Post 142: A Snails Trail Begins – Day 1

A Snails Trail Begins – Day 1

June 28th, 2019, we leave Silver Lake, Ontario with some sadness and much excitement. Now, A Snails Tail Begins, Day 1 of our new adventure to the out post at Winter Harbour, BC

Silver Lake, Ontario
Leaving Silver Lake

The  day begins overcast but not bad really. We head back to Perth, Ont which feels so wrong lol. Perth is east and we WANT TO GO WEST!!

Finding the highway north/west, we begin our trek west. Arriving in Renfrew, Ontario, we hit our first snag of the trip. 


After  lunch, Bill and Joy both do a walk around the trailer and truck for safety. That is when Bill notices, one of our tires is bad. Out comes the “Good Old Bottle Jack” from Joy’s dad. This antique is worth it’s weight in gold lol.

Together, we jack up the trailer, put on the spare. As we are doing this, we decided to rotate the tires.

That is when, Bill decides the back tires are worn and we really need to get some new ones. Joy makes a few calls and finds Tires at Kal Tires in North Bay. The people are super nice and the price is not too bad. 

Back on the road again

Beginning our trip again, with North Bay as our goal. Once we arrive, we find they can take us right away. Super nice people, very helpful and a real pleasure to deal with. All in all it took less than an hour to put on 2 new tires and replace our spare with one of our older ones. 

Heading to New Leskeard

Back on the road again, we decide that it is way too early to finish for the day so we continue on to New Leskeard, Ontario. This is where we find (through RV Parky) a Walmart that doesn’t mind over night campers.

When we arrived, there were already 6 campers there and room for many more. This Walmart was very smart lol, by the next morning there were 10 or more campers there and 3 truckers had past through. EVERY ONE made a trip to Walmart to stock up on groceries. 

Surprisingly quiet

Even though we were beside Hwy 1, and we personally parked beside the entrance road the noise wasn’t that bad. We found a little section that would take 10 or  so single cars that we could pull in along taking up all the spots. We were so out of the way, we are not sure these spots ever get used except by trailers lol. 

Being the perfect location, we were able to put our slides part way out. Our stairs were also protected because that side faced a grassed area. 

Turned out to be a very pleasant night and grassy places to walk the girls.




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