Post 145: A Snails Trail Begins – Day 4

A Snails Trail Begins – Day 4

Starting out once again, we were back on a very nice 4 lane divided highway separated by deep forest. This continued on for quite a while before construction came up, then the road went back to being a decent highway again. 

OMG The price of gas!

The price of gas was a very welcomed sight. The cost per litre ranged from $1.13 to $1.14. Gas stations were found at regular intervals and many  were Petro Canada. Smiles, we were very happy to see the Petro Canadas because we have a link to our bank card which gives us .03 cents off each litre. 

So CHEAP GAS AND A DISCOUNT, how great is that? The only downfall was the weather was sunny but extremely windy. When you are a massive wall going down the road buffering high winds, gas seems to disappear very quickly.

Roads and speed limit

The surprise of the day was decent flat roads (mostly) before and after Winnipeg and a speed limit of 110 kph. Too bad our moving Snails Trail can’t go that fast in high winds lol.

We would need a gas station driving down the highway behind us lol.

Bill sporting his snazzy hat

Last night, Joy found in the back of a closet our snazzy hats from Canada Day last year lol. Handing Bill’s hat to him and popping Joy’s hat on we were ready to go.

Here is a pic of Bill sporting his classic Canada Day’s Hat

Bill’s spiffy Canada Days Hat

A very cool site to see today!

We did have a very cool site to watch for a few minutes today as we travelled along the highway. 

There was a small yellow crop duster doing it’s runs over a field beside the highway. When the plane came to the end of the field it would sharply fly up into the air and barely clear some trees at the side of the field.

Then making a sweeping but tight turn the little plane would return to the field again, just barely above the highway. 

Quite thrilling to watch actually. Joy as an X recreational pilot was somewhat relieved SHE wasn’t in that plane doing the rounds and dives lol.


The girls as we travel

The girls are awesome travelling companions. A little water from time to time and a brief walk when we stop for gas and they are just happy to be with us.

Occasionally, Lucky will get up to check out to make sure we are going the right way. She also likes to look for any animals we may see along the way. When we spot a dog, she begins her songs lol. Lucky can become quite vocal with her moaning lol.

Here are the girls assuming their positions as we travel.

Our resting place for the night

Once again we find ourselves at a Walmart. This company is the most accommodating to weary RVers. MOST often they will allow RVers to park for free in their parking lots. They know that these people will most likely come in and purchase supplies for their continued trip.

We always try to go in and shop for food in payment for allowing us to stay in their parking lot. Our  preference would be to be on Crown Land or maybe a rest area, but this is really handy in a pinch.

 Tonight we find ourselves in Moose Jaw, in the local Walmart. We just squeaked in here before a bad thunder storm hit with warnings of Tornadoes going off on our phone frequently. This lasted for a couple of hours. 

We planned in case of danger, to just would just grab the girls  and head into Walmart for safety.

Our spot tonight was a super spot at the side of the parking lot with a grassy field beside us. We could get clear of the paved lot which allowed us room to open our slides and be comfortable for a night.

Thanks again Walmart, you are an awesome franchise! 

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