Post 113: Winnie Stowell County Park, Winnie, Tx

Winnie Stowell County Park, Winnie, Tx

April 3, 2018

Keeping up with our 2 hours drives to get us to New Orleans for April 5th, our next stop was Winnie Stowell County Park, Winnie Tx.  We were able to find this very nice country fair ground using Campendium. One of our normal search parameters.

With the gps on our phone, the park was easy to find. In no time at all we chose our spot under some  trees.  There were already 3 or 4 trailers and rvs there before us. The write ups on this park were all very good. One even mentioned the horses over in the stables.

Cost of camping

Every one mentioned, and we noticed on the information for the park that a permit was needed. A few people said they would arrive after the office of the County Commissioner’s Office at 211 Broadway St. Winnie, TX 77665 would close. These same people also mentioned that they called ahead and were told if they gave their licence number to the person answering the phone that was good enough. That information would be passed onto the police and the campers would not be disturbed.

Camping in this park was free. There were no utilities, but you were free to park anywhere. There were utility hook ups and water for when the county fair was on or other events, but they were not available at this time.

Bill walked over to the Chamber of Commerce right by the park, hoping to get a permit there, but they told him he needed to go to the other location 4 blocks away.

A simple telephone  call

We decided to try a simple telephone call instead of unhooking and driving all over this town looking for the other location. Bill tried the two numbers that were listed on the website  409-267-2644  and   409-296-8250. He was able to leave our information on one of the lines.

This must of been sufficient because we saw the sheriff car go through the park several times during the afternoon and evening and he never stopped to question us:).

So if you find yourself camping in Winnie Tx in this park, and have T-Mobile  you will find the service is Extended with an outside antenna. We had some internet but it wasn’t great. Bill was not able to work on his things, but Joy could do some work :). Two people on the line did not work well at all.

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