Post 130: Moving to Sharbot Lake, Ontario

Moving to Sharbot Lake!

The lead up to moving to Sharbot Lake was exciting and also a bit stressful. There were many unknowns. Where could we empty our black/grey water and where could we get fresh water? We already had the means for removing the black/grey water from the trailer and filling up the fresh water tank in the trailer without having to move the trailer (link to blog post), thanks to spending last winter in the desert.

Even though we had made another trip up to Sharbot Lake to see the spot cleared for us (Bill took the opportunity to clear a few more trees). Would our trailer and truck fit?

Leaving Maplewood Acres

However the most difficult task was to tell our friends at Maplewood RV Resort that we were leaving 2 months early. As our good friends Tim and Terri told us, it was not ‘goodbye’, it was ’till we meet again’! We must admit, we didn’t  stop and talk to all the folks we had met at Maplewood, that would have just been to difficult to do.

The drive from Maplewood to Sharbot Lake was an easy drive of 2.5 hours, through very scenic countryside. Once we left Maplewood, and an hour into the drive we both found ourselves getting excited!

We arrived!

Silver Lake, Ontario

Pulling off HWY 7 at the entrance to the property was exciting! We pulled off onto the access road and paused for a second. Now to navigate to the lot assigned to us! The first challenge was a sharp right turn we had to make at the top of a small hill, in the middle of the turn the land dropped away. For some reason Bill was worried about the turn. Although it is a completely blind turn (you can’t see the road from inside the truck) we navigated it no problem!

From the turn to our lot, was about 3/4 of a Klm. We took it easy because there are one or two deep ruts. Also, we wanted to make sure the tree canopy didn’t rip off any of our roof fixtures or scratch the trailer.


Our assigned spot!

Busy Beaver

We arrived at the lot and stopped and got out to look at the situation, it became clear we would need to clear some more brush and small trees to swing the trailer in. After  20 or so minutes of clearing the small stuff we figured we had enough cleared to get the trailer in.

Well we almost made it, about three quarters of the way in. It was clear we were bigger than we thought lol. Joy tried backing up to straighten the trailer a bit, but to no avail.

No big deal, we could clear a few more trees (a bit bigger ones now lol). Bill should mention there is only one road in/out of the area and guess what, we were completely blocking it. We didn’t think that would be a problem. We didn’t think anyone else was here because it was mid week! Guess again, two other families have leased lots just like we did and they were both here on vacation!

One fellow stopped and asked how it was going, we told him it was going well we had everything under control (lol), just needed to clear a few more trees. He laughed and said they had to do the same thing! We were able to pull ahead enough to let him by. His name was Jason, really nice fellow.

Tools needed!

Well Jason came back and he stopped again and asked if we needed help cutting trees, Bill indicated we should be OK, but we wouldn’t mind some creative thinking ideas on how we were going to get the truck unhitched and turned around. He said “No problem, he would drop his Jeep off at their trailer and would be back.” Well in no time Jason and his wife (Regan) were back with some tools!

To top it off, they invited us up for drinks later that evening if we were up to it! And so the adventure begans :)).

Finally, trailer in place!

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