Post 110: Schreiner City Park, Junction, Tx

Schreiner City Park, Junction, Tx

March 29th, 30th, 31st, 2018

Our view from our ‘campsite’

Continuing on our journey we knew Easter Weekend would make it difficult to find a place to stay. Then we found Schreiner City Park, in Junction, Tx on Campendium. We knew that this was the place to spend the weekend. Circling the park a few times, we settled in between some trees right beside the river. Parking at a slight angle, we managed to have some privacy with using one slide out on the back and a tree in the front. Now how perfect could that have been? 🙂 Bill parked our truck in front of the trailer perpendicular so that no one would lock us in and we were set for the weekend.


Mallard Duck at Junction City, Texas
The sun brought out such interesting colours!

The park did have signs up, that you could only camp for 3 days at a time. That was fine with us, and those 3 days were going to be free. Sitting out front with the girls, we  watched squirrels playing in the trees in front of us, birds were singing and we could hear the water falls a few hundred feet up the river on our right. This place was ideal. Plenty of ducks and geese to entertain us as well.


Thursday night after we arrived was very quiet. Even Friday was relatively quiet. People came and left. Most used this as a one night lay over. Very few used it for more than one night. We did notice that the Police made it a regular tour on their shift which was comforting in a way lol.

Friday during the day, Bill noticed some woman playing soft ball on the other side of the park from where we were  and strolled over to watch for a while. Even the girls (Lucky and Sierra) got a few good walks in.

Schreiner City Park is a decent size with many picnic tables, ball fields, a swimming pool, washrooms, and even fishing. But best of all, we have LITE internet lol.

Shopping near by

Just a few minutes away was the town where you could do your shopping. There was a great  grocery store, a Radio Shack and pretty much any thing else you may require. The town was not large, but seems pretty well equipped for a campers needs. The people were super friendly and the prices were quite reasonable.



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