Post 92: Joshua Tree 4 Wheeling ??

4 Wheeling in BIG BERTHA ???

Feb 28, 2018

The start of our offroad experience

This was a first for us and our Chevy Silverado Truck earned her name of BIG BERTHA!! Turned out she could go anywhere we asked her to haha. We decided to go 4 wheeling with our friends Tim and Terri. They wanted to try out their BRAND NEW 4 WHEELING JEEP!! Well 4 wheeling we did go. In Joshua Tree Park we found a trail that would (“supposedly hahah”) take us through the park  and out to the other side.

The trail we were looking for was  OLD DALE ROAD . The road we were on was amazing. The views were spectacular. At times we just had to stand there and stare – it was so beautiful and quiet! No words were necessary. We stopped every time we saw anything interesting such as old mining areas. Then we would hop out to take a look around.

Tailings from mining for gold

The trail went on and on from thick dusty sand to gravel. Eventually with all the twists and turns of what looked to be a well worn path, it became a little more challenging haha. Many times, our little convoy stopped to have a brief conference as to which way to go.

There were wooden markers “sort of” lol. But it became painfully obvious in time, we really didn’t know where we were going. The general consensus was, WE WERE NOW ON A GRAND ADVENTURE!!! (not exactly as it was said, but close enough haha).

No one minded that we were kind of lost,  we just enjoyed the views we past. The unexpected mining areas that would pop up were always a treat. Each conference would lead us on another dead end road lol.

Mine shaft entrance

Eventually, after taking that LAST road that maybe was a bad decision haha, we made the wise decision of turning back. Again, spirits were still high as we got to test out both our vehicles with this awesome “OFF ROADING EXPERIENCE” that Joy & Bill had never done before.

The trip may of been challenging at times, and a little unnerving. But we do not regret the “adventure” for a moment. We loved every second of seeing this beautiful country side of where these two deserts met once again. The mountains in the distance and even really up close at some points lol. We kept thinking, if we just skirt around this mountain, we will find that highway we are looking for… haha.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip and we got to know our new friends Tim and Terri even better. At least we didn’t have to eat any one (Donner’s Pass) or drink the dog water hahahahah

By the way, next morning, WE THINK, we knew where  we made the wrong turn hahahaha.



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