Post 28: Vaccinations were needed to cross the US and/or Canadian Border


July 25, 2017

We knew our little darlings needed their vaccinations before we left. This made Joy do a lot of research into which vaccinations were needed to cross the US and/or Canadian Border.

We were told US Border crossing requires our dogs to  have their vaccinations done 30 days before we crossed the border. So even this took planning.

Our traveling buddies. Unfortunately, the cat stayed home

Canada only needs the vaccinations to be done 24 hours ahead of time before crossing into Canada. (this is all information taken from our research so please double check with your own Veterinary Services before you plan your trip to be safe.)

We initially were going to take our cat as well, but we could not find a definite answer as to whether she needed vaccinations or not, so she was given her vaccinations anyway just to be safe.

Now this information was taken directly from our Vaccination Certificates we received from our Veterinary Office.


Our dogs were give an extra one due to the fact we were going to California and there were areas of Lyme outbreaks there. We also have Lyme issues  in Canada, so we had no problems having that extra vaccination given to our pets.

Dogs  were given;

Rabies Vaccine good for 3 years

Distemper, Hep, Para, Parvo, Lepto good for only 1 year

Lyme which is only good for 1 year

We also picked up an additional pill for fleas and ticks which we were happy to have on board.

Cat was given;

Rabies Vaccine good for 1 year

FVRCPC good for 1 year

Now, we were all set to cross the border. Adults had their valid passports, dogs had their vaccinations.



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