Post 144: A Snails Trail Begins- Day 3

A Snails Trail Begins – Day 3

On the 3rd day of our Snails Trail, we got the most delightful surprise when we stopped for lunch. Up until this point the scenery had been unimpressive and quite desolate.

Our lunch time surprise

We pulled over to a rest stop where the road lead up hill to a small area that was pretty enough with picnic tables and trees. Then, Bill took a quick walk and found the most wonderful surprise. He came back to Joy and said, take the girls over to the waterfall there and I will bring you lunch lol.

Joy was a little confused thinking we were going to sit on some rocks by the waterfalls. To her surprise and the girls, we walked down some stairs and found a beautiful falls that ran down a narrow creek. Also a sturdy clean picnic table on a wooden platform.

Sierra went swimming and almost for a slide

Sierra, our older dog was in heaven. She loves the water and loves to walk in while getting her fill of cold, clear running water. She went into this running creek at the middle of the falls up to her belly. Mistaking her footing, she almost slid down the waterfalls below but her LIFE line (collar and rope) saved the day and she was able to get her footing back under her and out of the water. 

Lucky, the pup, on the other hand lol is hesitant around water. She swam last year while we travelled but must of forgotten. 

She would stand at the edge of the water and stretch her neck out as far as she could to get a drink WITHOUT getting her toes wet lol.

Once we finished our lunch, we made sure to take plenty of pictures to remember this sweet moment in time.

A very sad sight

Back on the road again, we were relaxed and smiling from  our incredible picnic. 

Not long afterwards we came upon a very sad sight. We came to a slow down on the highway. When we got up to the blockage, we saw a small car which was pulling a U-Haul trailer. Some how, on a perfectly dry road on a sunny day, they managed to roll this car over WITH the trailer and land upside down on the on coming side of the road. 

FORTUNATELY the people were uninjured and were standing beside the wreck holding their small dog. The car was destroyed resting on its roof and the U-Haul was on its roof as well and still attached to the  car. 

This could have been so much worse, the people were very very lucky. We saw that the man had a phone in his hand and they were uninjured so we continued on our way. There were already 2 other cars stopped to help them.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, and the scenery slowly became more interesting and beautiful in the end.

Our stop for the night

We were now into Manitoba  just over the border. We found a nice little rest area with huge washrooms and a large parking lot. Pulling in far over to the side and partially off the paved parking lot. This gave  others room.

There were two 18 wheelers there when we arrived but they were side by side and away from where we parked. Sadly through the night, we had one 18 wheeler pull up close behind us and run his engine all night. A 2nd truck pulled up way over on the other side and ran his engine as well. 

We have no idea why they needed to do this and unfortunately the noise kept us awake all night. Even closing all the windows didn’t help much.

Oh well, the pearls of boon docking as you travel.










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