Post 100: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area AZ, UT

March 13th and 14th, 2018

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area was a bit of a surprise. If you entered at the Lees Ferry entrance, there was a neat raised camping area that over looked the Colorado River. A Ranger station (that we never found) and a boat launch  area.

The campground was dry camping with  covered picnic tables. Sites varied in size situated on an oval side by side. There were several in the center for larger vehicles and large groups. Washrooms were located in the center as well as an area to clean fish. The cost was $20.00 a night unless you were an American Senior then it was $10 per night.

We just barely fit on an outside site over looking the Colorado River with our 31 ft trailer. A Ranger came by and told us to park our truck across the road in front of the washrooms. She understood that the truck wouldn’t fit on our site, but we were not allowed to park beside the trailer on the campsite provided for us because we would kill any potential vegetation ( smiles,  it was all dirt and rocks, oh well ).

View from our campsite

The view was spectacular just what we were used to at this point. Once we were set up, we sat near the back of the lot looking out over the river and at the mountains around us.

Advantages to having a boat!

Now if you had a boat you would be able to camp here and go up the Colorado River into Lake Powell. Glenn Canyon is a HUGE Recreational Area. This park covers over 1.25 million acres.  Allowing people to have water based fun and back country recreation. “The recreation area stretches for hundreds of miles from Lees Ferry in Arizona to the Orange Cliffs of southern Utah, encompassing scenic vistas, geologic wonders, and a vast panorama of human history.” borrowed from the website.

Glen Canyon has a great deal to offer anyone who loves the outdoor life :).

The girls found freedom at last!

The girls had been penned up the last two days while we were in the RV Park in Zion. They had to be on very short leashes. Here in Glen they were on very long leashes and could roam on the site a lot more. Lucky sat at the end of her leash a good 10 ft or more and stared into the bush beside us. Laying in the sun watching so intently, we never knew what she was watching but she sure was happy lol. Sierra found her spot in the shade under the trailer.

Bill on a Walk About Already

The mightly Colorado River!

Bill sat down for about 10 mins, before he grabbed his camera and headed down to the river. He had to get pictures of the Colorado river and around the camp ground. We had come to the conclusion the COLORADO RIVER IS FLIPPING LONG lolol. She seems to be everywhere we camp.

Advertising on the back of our trailer lol

As we drove around when we first arrived to find the ideal spot, a couple noticed the lettering on the back of our trailer. We have vinyl lettering that says “ASnailsLifeAndLovinIt.Com“. Apparently before we were parked the woman looked us up and was reading our blogs lol.

Later they came down to introduce themselves to us and we chatted for a while. They had been RVing since Oct.. It was so cool to meet new people and to know that they actually read the back of the trailer and our blogs. We traded a few inside tips on how to find places to stay and  what to see.

One suggestion they had was Antelope Canyon. Bill did some research on this place and it was stunning! Unfortunately, all the tours were sold out for the time frame we had here. Antelope Canyon provides scenic tours as well as tours for photographers. Maybe next year!

Its wonderful to know that our hard work is enjoyed and might actually help someone find a place to stay and have fun. You can never have too many friends and we have actually met a few people now through the blog and other RVing connections.

Day two: Bill went to Horseshoe Bend

People around the rim of Horseshoe Bend, AZ.

Bill had been looking forward to visiting Horseshoe Bend for over a year. Finally he had the chance to go. Horseshoe Bend is only 30 to 40 minutes from Lee Ferry’s campground. The drive there had phenomenal scenery.

When Bill arrived he was a bit surprised. It is really not much more than a parking lot (which was FULL). There was an established trail to the Bend what was about 3/4’s of a mile hike. An uphill section on the walk was not too bad. A few signs that described the area and  warned you to be safe, there were no railings or fences!

As some of you may know, Bill has a terrible fear of heights, but he thought how bad could it be? Well, he discovered… BAD!

The hike out was easy and did not take that long. Once Bill get there, the panic tried to set in, but he did his best to grab a few shots from different vantage points. He could not believe how close to the edge people got to get a selfie or a great photo. It is a 1000 foot drop from the viewing area to the Colorado River. Crazy!

Bill was a bit disappointed and angry with himself that he could not get the photos he wanted because of his Acrophobia.

But on a high note, he saw the awesome Hourseshoe Bend and lived to tell the tale lol!

On a closing note:))

On a closing note, we would like to point out that this was our 100th blog entry and so far we have had a blast!! We have seen some amazing sites, met some wonderful people and have cherished every moment of our travels. Here is hoping the next 1000 blogs bring us as much fun and joy as these first 100 did.

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