Post 121 Levi Jackson State Park Campground, London, Ky

Post 121 Levi Jackson State Park Campground, London, Ky

Levi Jackson State Park Campground, London, Ky

April 25th – 30th, 2018

Levi Jackson State Park, Kentucky

Levi Jackson State Park Campground, London, Ky was our next stop on the way home. This was a shot in the dark because we were not sure if there was any internet there. Along the way we had only Extended for several miles. Once we got to the gate, we both got out and went up to check in. We were welcomed with such friendly smiling faces and the cutest accents.  We also were given the nicest surprises. The first one was, for the month of April you stay 2 nights, the second night is free. The second surprise was, they had free internet which was best if you didn’t mind being parked up closer to the front of the camp ground.

SWEET! We booked for 2 nights and were given B9 which backed us on to a forest and the internet was amazing. We had a site with 30, 50 amp electricity, water, picnic table and a tall metal pole  hook for a lantern. If the trees had leaves on them, lol we would even have had shade. The site was gravel in a marked area wooden enclosed and surrounded with grass then forest behind us.

Levi Jackson State park

This camp ground was open all year and was fairly large with 137 sites. There are 118 standard Electric and water sites and 19 Tent sites. They have 3 shower, restrooms and laundry facilities that also serve as storm shelters. Joy found this a little disconcerting lol. Thinking THEY NEED STORM SHELTERS HERE???

They also offered a grocery store, a dump station, and three central service buildings containing an activities room. Pets were allowed if restrained. The group camping area has an activities building and may be reserved in advance. The Russell Dyche Amphitheater seats 1,500 people and is host to many community events.

The services and amenities with in the facility are FAR to many to mention here and may be found on the website link above. 🙂

Such a nice place to be

We found this camp ground to be a really nice area. Bill talked to a few of the campers near by who were quite friendly. There were many children around of all ages but who were not loud or screaming but who seemed to be just playing on bikes or in the fenced in basket ball court. At 8 pm or so the whole area became very quiet and even in the morning there was very little noise.

We kept extending our stay 2 days at a time until we were there for 6 days. We seem to put a toe in the water sort of speak when we arrive at a new place to see how things go, then stay longer if we like the area. Only once we wanted to stay longer and couldn’t because our site had been booked after we checked in. But, our system works for us and we have enjoyed our travelling tremendously so far.

The internet here was super during the week but not so great on Fri and Sat night. Then we discovered our own T-Mobile came in at Lite for us. So we were back up and running.

The cost of this 34$ for 2 nights during April. That was paying for 1 night and the 2nd night was free. That was for a site with water and electricity. None of the sites had a sewer, but they did have a dump station that was free to use.





4 Replies to “Post 121 Levi Jackson State Park Campground, London, Ky”

  1. What a lovely place to stay!! I think I’m starting to miss the green grasses of home as they say…not that I want to go back to Washington…just sorta wishing traveling around and seeing some green again…and some water too…lol….wanting to go fishing!
    We will be leaving on a short trip up to South Dakota…Rapid get our new driver’s license, change our mail-forwarding and see some of the area while we are up there. Just taking the car. Will be leaving on the 17th and driving back on the 24th, ready to go back to work on the 28th ( Memorial Day) 🙂
    Sissy says she is missing her girlfriends, Lucky & Sierra…awww 🙁 …hoping she will see them again in the fall/winter season. She is doing ok so far in this 95F weather…keeping her in AC and on her cool pads.
    Anyway….enjoying your travels back to Canada….be safe & have fun, Patty ‘n Ron

    1. Hi Guys!

      We were just watching a video of Midland LTVA and in it we see Lucky running over to your RV for cookies lol. Your trip to South Dakota sounds like fun! Enjoy! We are back in Canada now, in London Ontario until Sunday and then heading to Lancaster Ontario, right beside the quebec boarder – we will be their until October and then (our current plans) are to head back to Midland LTVA area – taking a more direct route this time lol. Say hi to Ron and Sissy.

      p.s. We have seen more rain in the last few weeks than we did all winter lol.

      Bill and Joy

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