Post 41: New Camera – Nikon D90

A New Nikon D90 Camera

The Nikon D90 is sure different than our first camera, a Pentax SP2!

Many years ago (1976 to be exact), we used to have a Pentax Spotmatic 2. My parents gave it to us as a wedding present so we could capture great pictures of our honeymoon in Jamacia.

For many years we dabbled in photography, even had a dark room where we developed our own pictures. However as life continued and we got busy with the kids, we stopped using the Pentax. Digital cameras were coming along and made it so much easier to take quick pictures.

Our new to us, camera
Nikon D90

With our latest life decision (full time RVing and traveling), we have seen some beautiful parts of the country and will be continuing to do so (our photo gallery). We thought we would regret not having high quality photos and videos to look back on. With this in mind, we decided to purchase a ‘new to us’ DSLR – a Nikon D90 with a 35 to 80mm lens.

We have only had it a few days and with everything we have read and pictures we have looked at, it seems we should be able to get some great photos and videos.

The Challenge

Just one problem! There are so many camera settings to learn and so many suggestions on how to capture great images, it is going to be a huge learning experience! Sure glad YouTube is around to make it easier.

If anyone has any suggestions on videos to watch or articles to read, we sure would welcome the input! Just add the ideas in the comments or send us an email.

Here the first few photos we have taken.

Update Aug 21. 17

We are continuing to learn and understand the Nikon D90 and in our searching we came across the following image on Lifehack.

Sharing lifehack photo
Photo credit, Lifehack

This single image explains Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. This has been a great help to us.

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