Post 123: Fulton Farms, Troy, Ohio

Fulton Farms, Troy, Ohio May 3rd, 2018 Fulton Farms, Troy, Ohio was a neat little stop on our way home to Ontario. We found this location through Harvest Hosts. This location had only opened up for the summer on April 21st, 2018 so we were very lucky to have timed this for our trip home. 🙂

Post 120 Tennessee Valley Winery, Loudon, Tn

Tennessee Valley Winery, Loudon, Tn April 24th, 2018 Since we enjoyed ourselves so much at Will’s Creek Vineyard the previous night, we decided to check Harvest Host for another winery for the next nights stay. We were able to find Tennessee Valley Winery, in Loudon, Tn. Calling them up in the early morning, we were