Post 141: A New Adventure Begins to Winter Harbour, BC

A New Adventure Begins to Winter Harbour,BC

A New Adventure begins for us as we prepare to move to Winter Harbour, BC. We are so excited and looking forward to this incredible opportunity that has come our way. 

This all began a few months ago when Bill and Joy began looking for winter work out west for the 2019 winter. Bill recently stumbled upon an advertisement for Camp workers at Winter Harbour, BC.

We have looked at many job opportunities both in the USA and in Canada. Being Canadian, it is impossible for us to work in the USA, so Canada became our main focus. 

Western Canada has always intrigued us when we went out skiing. Each time we could get out there, we thought how perfect to live out here:)

A New Opportunity 

This new opportunity came at the perfect time for us. Joy will be finishing up work at the end of June for the year. The new location in BC, was willing to wait until we could get out there in a few weeks time.

We will each be working as Camp Hosts with various responsibilities. This is such a fantastic opportunity for us, as it is  a paid position and we get our site with all hooks up for free. We will located on a harbour with so much to see. Now how perfect is that lol?

Should we love it out there, we are welcomed to become the winter caretakers with a salary as well.

Add to this, the weather is wonderful all year round, lol no more -35 c or mounds of snow. Joy also did the research and there are not supposed to be any bugs there lol.  

Blogging as we go

We will be doing a series of blogs as we travel out west  to Winter Harbour, beginning June 28th 2019 and we will certainly blog while we are there with as many pictures as we can take lol

Preparing for the move

We have begun preparations already. Letting people know we were leaving and giving away things we would not need out there. Every one we have spoken to is so excited for us lol and want to stay in touch with us.

Our truck is being tuned up for the trip!! The trailer is getting tweaked as well. Brakes, filling propane tanks and our water tank.

Planning the trip out west

We have planned out the trip using and google maps. We know how many klms we need to drive each day and where we will be able to stay each night for free. 

Gotta love Walmarts and Casinos lol. 

Once we are closer,we will book the ferry across to Vancouver Island for the best day and cost. Apparently ferries have “SALE DAYS” and preferred departure times for a cost efficient crossing lol. When you are pulling a 31 ft trailer this is definitely something to consider. 

How we are making the trip?

We originally had planned on going through the USA which is a shorter way  of going (we thought). BUT, when we were checking for papers for the dogs to cross the border, we realized our passports expired 3 months ago. 🙁

Joy looked into getting new ones before we left. BUT, the normal cost is $110 per person for a renewed passport. Then you have to add on $50.00 per person for EXPRESS service to get them sooner. Unfortunately, sooner is only 2-9 days. There was a chance we would not get them back in time before we had to leave. 

Plan B

So, the quick decision was made to travel through Canada instead. We have done this a few times before, so this trip really wouldn’t be a hardship.

There are only a few hours difference in the two routes. USA vs CDA. With that in mind, Joy sat down and began planning our route. 

Our Snails Trail across Canada

So now watch out for more blogs as A Snails Trail moves across Canada!

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