Post 120 Tennessee Valley Winery, Loudon, Tn

Tennessee Valley Winery, Loudon, Tn

April 24th, 2018

Since we enjoyed ourselves so much at Will’s Creek Vineyard the previous night, we decided to check Harvest Host for another winery for the next nights stay. We were able to find Tennessee Valley Winery, in Loudon, Tn. Calling them up in the early morning, we were fortunate enough to get a spot for that night. Some Wineries can only handle 1 or 2 rigs on location.

Finding our way off the highway and up into their driveway, Bill, introduced himself to a fellow and was told where we could park for the night. Then Bill hopped back into the truck and made a quick job of backing into the roadway where we were to park. Man he made that look so easy. Even with 2 men watching him lol talk about pressure. We were even given 20 amp electric power from the winery which was a nice surprise.

Now for some wine tasting

Once we were set up for the night, we went in to check out the Tennessee Valley Winery. We got to meet one of the owners Jenny Bradford who was extremely welcoming and made us feel right at home. Bill and Joy took a casual tour around the shop looking at all the cool little things they displayed in connection with wine. We love doing this, cause you see some really unique things at times.

Then we moved up to begin our wine tasting with Jenny. Jenny was super informative and knew their wines really well. We told her the types of wines we enjoyed and she brought out the samples.  As we enjoyed our wine tasting, Jenny went on to tell us about the Tennessee Valley Winery.

This particular winery has been running for 33 years and it is one of the oldest operating family owned wineries in the State of Tennessee. They have Achieved over 900 awards and accolades, including having had their wines served at the White House.

Their wine tastings are free when most places charge you for wine tasting unless you purchase a bottle of wine, then your tastings are free.

Tennessee Valley Winery

Tennessee Valley Winery is a very active winery. Not only do they grow their own grapes and bottle their own wine, they offer services such as weddings and special events. They even have their own professional photographer.

The view from our trailer

We had an incredible view from our trailer. Not only could we see forever into the distance with multi colour greens of all the trees in full bloom, but we had a pair of beautiful horses in the field to our right that peaceful to watch as they grazed in their paddock.

Again we had only Extended internet with our T-Mobile. Only one of us could be on line at a time.




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