Post 111: Top of the Hill, Boerne, Tx

Top of the Hill, Boerne, Tx

April 1, 2018

Making a reservation based on past reviews of a location was always a bit risky. BUT, in the past 11 months of being on the road and being full time RVers,we always read reviews to find places to stay. We did the research and read up on places to stay. Our normal forms of research were not much help in the state of Texas. So we had to search “out of the box” to find Top of the Hill, Boerne, Tx in a different way.

We simply searched on camp grounds on I-10 Eastbound. Then started looking up each one that came up and reading the reviews. Distance was also something we took under consideration. A 2 hour travel minimum was needed for each day until we reached New Orleans. Our reservations in New Orleans were not until April 5th.

There were slim pickings, when taking reviews under consideration, or disregarding places with no reviews at all. We were really glad people were honest in their reviews. Reading many reviews is necessary to get a good picture of what a place is really like so, you were not put off by just one person’s bad day.

Top of the Hill, Boerne, Tx

Top of the Hill was our choice for the one night stay. The campground sounded decent from the reviews and we had the impression the internet was outstanding. When we arrived, Bill went into register and found the folks quite friendly and helpful. Great beginning. We had made an advanced reservation here because this was Easter Weekend and we didn’t want to drive for ever only to end up in a rest stop for the night.

Coming back to the truck, there was a fellow in a golf cart already to guide us to our spot. Then the doubts began. Top of the Hill should have been our first clue. We followed the golf cart up a very steep short hill only to turn a sharp corner and follow him a bit further. He stopped at an intersection, spoke on his head set then made a 90 degree turn left which we were expected to make on their narrow streets with our 50 ft rig :(. They were aware how big we were when we made the reservation.

Following the golf cart to the next narrow road up to make another right hand 90 degree turn onto another narrow road and then he wanted us to make a left hand 90 degree turn into a pull through space. Bill sat there for a moment saying softly “Seriously?” Then checked his mirrors and clearance. He managed to make the turns by going over the corner of some one’s lawn a bit. Luckily he was able to get into the spot they had given us.

Trying to settle in

Once we were pulled through, Bill had to jockey the rig a bit, so we could get our slides out and line up with the sewer outlet. Sadly the sites are long enough for bigger rigs, but not very wide for slid outs. The roads were terribly narrow with very narrow sites. The campground would have been suitable 20 or 30 years ago when rigs were a lot smaller and trucks were smaller.

We barely had room to let the dogs out in front of our trailer on 3 ft leashes. The standard in all parks is 6 ft leashes.

Inside and not overly happy, we tried to settle down and do some work. Our biggest disappointment came when we realized that the amazing internet they claimed to have was sadly lacking. Neither of us could stay on line long enough to accomplish anything.

Bill went to the office to inquire if they had a better place to relocate to so we could work. They suggested we sit in their club house. At that point, neither of us were in the mood to try and work in a noisy club house.

Needless to say, we spent over $40.00 on this campground based on reviews. We rarely book ahead for this very reason. Top of the Hill is not a campground that we could honestly recommend to anyone for any reason. The noise from the highway was so loud, we decided to close all the windows and sleep with the A/C on all night. This is something we never do.

Lesson learned

If you follow our blogs, you know that we try very hard to be positive about all the places we go, or we don’t say anything at all. Well Top of the Hill was such an expensive lesson and so disappointing, we felt we needed to be honest and let you know, maybe you should move past this place and find somewhere else to stay.

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