Post 102: Homolovi State Park, Winslow, Az

Homolovi State Park, Winslow, Az

March 17th, 2018

On our way to Petrified Forest National Park, Az we made a stop over at Homolovi State Park in Winslow, Az. We were lucky enough to to get a site on a first come first served basis. They did not have many left. We were given site 48 which was perfect for our trailer and our slide outs. The cost was $25.00/night which included 30 amp electricity and water. The dump station is on the way out. Fresh water was also available there.

Williams Az, on Route 66

Williams has kept the charm of the old Route 66















Before we arrived at Homolovi State Park, we had to make a stop in Williams, Az. This was a small town that was on the old Route 66 and must of been really popular in its time. We actually loved it now. Every store for 4 or 5 city  blocks still maintained the original store fronts of the Route 66 days. There were several restaurants, gas stations and unique stores that we would have spent days looking at if we had the time and could find a spot to park our rig.

We finally did find an adorable restaurant right across from a huge parking lot that we fit in. The place was called Goldie’s Route 66

A historic Diner on route 66.

Diner. Bill went in and got a take out of the Biggest bacon cheese burgers and fries that Joy had seen in quite some time. We really broke our healthy eating diet that meal. But Man were they good. Bill also brought out a business card from the place. On the back of the card read :

Fun Facts : Goldie’s Route 66 diner was the original Denny’s in Williams from the sixties. Williams, Arizona was the last Route 66 town to be by passed by I-40 in 1984.

Bobby Troup was on hand to perform his popular Route 66 song. Route 66 is also known as the Will Rogers highway, but is more popularly known today as the Mother Road or Main Street of America.

Inside Bill said the diner was like a 1960 diner with Betty Boop statues. Bill found it quite interesting. 🙂

Our second stop was Two Guns, Az

This  small place named Two Guns was apparently a little ghost town that showed up on our Campendium. The write up was very honest lol. The fellow did say, the place was run down. Had a lot of graffiti on the walls of the old buildings and gas station. In the back was an old KOA campground which was deserted and the road leading to it was REALLY rough. haha But, he made it sound interesting, so Bill just wanted to drop by to have a look at it. Well, this fellow told the truth :).

It was a great place if you had a big self contained big rig, it was late at night and you REALLY needed a place to stop. lol well this was early afternoon and Joy was not this desperate to stop for the night YET!! Joy didn’t think Bill was either. We did a quick drive around in the main entrance and went back out on to the highway. So folks if you are on highway I-40 and need a place to stay, late at night, look at up Two Guns lol.

Our last and final stop for the day

As we mentioned above. We finally stopped at Homolovi State Park, Windslow, Az. If you are planning on being a drop in like we were, save yourself some time and just drive straight to the Visitors center if you have not already made a reservation. You may pick out a site that is not already  reserved for the next night. In case you happened to want to spend more then one night there.

Its not a bad place, very clean, quiet and fairly large. No privacy between sites, but then, it is only a stop over for most folks. We had a place to fill up with water, electricity to keep us warm in the night and a place to dump our tanks the next day. We were happy.



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