Post 98 Lake Mead National Recreational Area AZ & NV

Lake Mead National Recreational Area AZ, NV

March 9th and 10th, 2018

When we left Death Valley, we didn’t really go very far. Our plan was to head to Lake Mead National Recreational Area Az & NV . Driving through Las Vegas was a little intense. After spending so long in the desert, PEOPLE, CARS AND 4 LANE HIGHWAYS were a little over whelming lol. But, we made it safely through and into the National Rec Area.

We did not have to travel very far after we showed our card to the Ranger at the entrance. Once again our entrance was free and wow that was nice. We found our way to 8 Mile road and turned right for about 2 miles down a dirt road.

This was a REALLY wash bordy (not a word but should be) road so the going was ROUGH. Once we came out to the clearing, we could see the lake and a wide area to choose from to camp in. There were multiple levels to choose from. You could go right down near the lake, or stay up on high ground.

Campsite Choices

Our camping spot

Some roads were a little more challenging to use than others. We saw anything from Tents to RVs. The RVs were staying up high where the road was not as bad.

We went down one hill/road that had HUGE and we mean HUGE pot holes to get to a particular spot. Our minds were changed about staying there because we were worried about getting back up that hill the next morning, especially if it rained (which it did!).

That night it had rained hard. First rain we had seen in quite some time. Waking up and hearing the rain, make us glad we chose to camp higher up.

Before we had gone to bed that night, we decided that with the view and the fact as did have SOME internet we would stay an extra night.

The next day, was sunny and decent so Joy caught up on some blogs while Bill and Lucky went on a long long hike down to the Lake below us. When they returned, Bill said “Wow, that lake was a lot further than it looks lol.” Poor Lucky was panting and fell asleep almost instantly.

Leaving Lake Mead National Recreational Area

When we left the BLM area, we drove out through the Park instead of going out back to the highway. WOW, were we ever happy we made that decision. The drive was absolutely stunning. The road was two lanes with drop offs on one side or the other from time to time. BUT the panoramic view was totally breath taking. Unfortunately there were not many areas to pull over and take pictures from.

As we drove along, one  or both of us would say “OOhh wow look” and point out the view. We were so taken with the mountains and rivers that run through this area. Both of us felt very fortunate with all that we had seen this trip. Frequently we said we need to get a holder for our GoPro and set it up on the dash of the truck. We want to remember all this beauty we have seen forever.

We have to say, if you ever get the chance to drive through or even stay in Lake Mead Recreational National Area AZ & NV, Jump on it. You won’t regret it.


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