Post 95: Death Valley the Next New Adventure

Death Valley the Next New Adventure

March 6th, 2018

typical view at Death Valley!

We left Joshua Tree National Park with a little sadness because we had had such a great time there. But now we were looking forward with some excitement to our next new adventure, Death Valley. Leaving JTNP, we accidentally took the wrong turn and ended up saving 80 miles on our trip. Well now, things like that rarely work out in our favor haha.

The other good news with that wrong turn, we got to drive on Route 66. A very old highway running across USA. The bad news, we had the misfortune to pay $5.00 a gallon for gas at this quaint little gas station on Route 66. Needless to say, we only got 4 gallons haha. Unfortunately he was the only gas station for a long long ways. We cruised into the next nearest gas station when our empty light came on. Phew!!

After having driven for close to 6 hours, (we did stop for lunch) we arrived at Death Valley. We made a quick stop at the Visitors Center before they closed and picked up some maps and useful information. Wonderful, friendly, informative folks there. Very helpful. Then crossing the road and going up about half a mile we found our campsite we planned to stay at.

The cost was $7.00 a night because of Bill’s age (grinz). Bonus! Then we noticed that the Park Tim and Terri were staying at was right across the road from us. Sweet :)! Settling in for the evening, we decided we were too tired to venture out anymore that night. Tomorrow was another day so, we just looked at the information we had and made plans on where we wanted to go.

Sunset Campground

The Park we stayed at had a free dumping station and free fresh water. At this time it was only about 1/4 full, so there was plenty of space between each trailer. In the event Sunset Campground became full, they had 3 overflow campgrounds right surrounding the main one.

The campground it self was pretty basic. Gravel with painted lines dividing each site up and cement ground markers with the painted number on them. Along with a metal pole standing up so you could clip your paper receipt on saying you had paid for the site and how long you were staying. Each site was wide enough that we could put our slides out and the sites were long enough, we could detach the truck and park in front easily. The campground was very organized and very clean. There were huge dumpers spread out every where so you didn’t have to walk far to get rid of your trash.

Signs with the normal rules, dogs on leashes, quiet times were between 9 pm to 7 am. Other than that you could run your generator in the day time if needed.

There was a very friendly camp host that came around and checked to see if your site was paid for. Bill met her and she was incredibly helpful giving him some information and telling him if he needed anything, day or night, just come and knock on their door they would assist if at all possible.

We have stayed in nicer campgrounds, but we just could not beat the view. we were surrounded on 3 sides by gorgeous mountains,  and on the 4th side by a tree lined road. Hard to beat that. We were within walking distance to a store, gas station, Visitor Center, 2 restaurants, and so much more. As we mentioned, Tim and Terri were a short walk away, across the road. This was a pretty perfect set up :). All for $7.00 a night :).

Now for bed and new adventures tomorrow.


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