Post 93: Joshua Tree Keys Ranch and Beyond!

Joshua Tree Keys Ranch and Beyond!

March 2nd 2018

Bill , Joy and our friends Tim and Terri started out on this lovely, sunny day to go on a Tour of Keys Ranch. We were quite excited about this from just reading the story in a book Joy had purchased. Bill had found out the tour left at 2 pm and we had to pick up our tickets at the Oasis Visitor Center which is on the North East side of the park . This meant we had to drive across Joshua Tree Park which is about 1 and half hours for us.

We arrived at the Oasis Visitor Center about 1:15 only to be disappointed. We were missing the small bit of information that you needed to be there at 8:30 am to pick up your tickets for that day and that they sold out very quickly. Tickets were not allowed to be purchased the day before. This was very disappointing but what can you do?

So, if you happen to find yourself in Joshua Tree and would like to take the Key Ranch Tour,  we believe it would be very interesting! Be at the Oasis Visitor Center BEFORE 8:30 am the day of the time you would like to take this tour :). For more information you may call 760-367-5522. Or go to the link above, that has all the information you would need. This is a Ranger guided walking tour.

RECALCULATING as our GPS likes to say!

Now with having a free afternoon on our hands, we had to find something to do. 🙂 Having 4 somewhat intelligent adults with lots of energy and a bright sunny day we had to keep our selves busy hahaha.  We then decided to visit a look out point we all had planned on going to at some point and then a hike.

So off we went in Tim and Terri’s nice new Jeep up to Keys View, 5,185 ft (1581 m) in altitude. Again, we can’t express enough how much we enjoyed driving through Joshua Tree National Park. We never got tired of watching the desert and various vegetation go by. Tim and Terri agreed with us.

Keys View Vantage Point

Arriving at Keys View, we all climbed out eagerly to observe this popular destination. High on the crest of Little San Bernardino Mountains we could over look the Coachella Valley below us. As we walked around, we also saw the the Salton Sea, which is 230 feet below sea level, on the far left. Southern California is another area that is laid out before us. All in all, this is definitely worth the drive up. The drive up is also done on a paved ROAD! Imagine that grinz. You just had to be here with us this past week to appreciate that comment lol.

Hidden Valley Trail Once again

Since Bill and Joy enjoyed the hike on Hidden Valley Trail so much the first time, with all the picturesque views Tim and Terri were interested in seeing it as well.  So, off we went to Hidden Valley Trail. This hike was still as beautiful as the first time. Only now, we knew where to look for special interest items :).

Bill took more pictures and both Tim and Terri captured some as well. This still has to be one of the most beautiful places to hike.

All great days come to an end

After our hike at Hidden Valley, we made our way home again. Happy and still chattering like little kids. Chattering so much, we distracted our driver (Tim) and he missed the turn off in the park which would have taken us home. But that wasn’t a problem, turning around when we saw the Oasis Entrance again was not so bad lol. We got to view the great scenery all over again. This time we were ALL watching for the turn and made it home safely.




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