Post 83: Meeting Drivin’ and Vibin’

Drivin’ and Vibin’

Jan 17th, 2018

Drivin' and Vibin' Quartzsite AZ
Kyle and Olivia Drivin’ and Vibin’

We have been part of the “Vibe Tribe” for almost 2 years now. We have learned so much about free camping and boondocking from this young couple. Kyle and Olivia of Drivin’ and Vibin’ are so passionate about their life adventures. So it was quite exciting for us to meet them in person. 🙂

They were a key influence to us in deciding to go full time RVing!

A gathering of the RVers

Many RVers (full time and recreational) and Snowbirds converge on Quartzsite AZ in January. They all come to  attend the huge and we mean ‘huge‘ RV show. Hundreds of RVs (trailers, 5th wheels, Vans, Class A, B and C motor homes as well as the latest in new RV accessories) are on display. The show last for two weeks starting January 20th, 2018 for 2 weeks.

A requested Meet and Greet answered

Many of Drivin’ and Vibin’ subscribers had asked for some sort of meet and greet. Kyle and Olivia (Drivin’ and Vibin’) decided Quartzsite would be the ideal place. So many RVers were going to be here for the show already.

When we heard they were having a meet and greet in Quartzsite, we signed up right away. Since it was during the time we were going to be there.  We were interested in seeing what this pleasant couple  were like in real life. (They seemed  so happy on their YouTube videos). We were not disappointed! Kyle and Olivia were very open and friendly!

Drivin' and Vibin' Quartzsite AZ
Over 40 followers showed up to listen to Kyle and Olivia Drivin’ and Vibin’

We arrived just as the meet and greet started. Kyle and Olivia were standing near the event table.  Looking just like they do in so many of their videos. They looked and sounded very comfortable talking to the group of 40 plus followers (they have almost 20,000 followers on YouTube). Olivia and Kyle answered questions and many folks (including us) thanked them for the material they publish almost daily.

Drivin' and Vibin' Quartzsite AZ
Kyle, Olivia and Bill at the Meet and Greet Drivin’ and Vibin’

After taking questions for an hour or so, they took a group picture and were very open to taking individual photos with anyone who was interested. Their blog is called

Olivia was going to get River (their best friend, their dog) but unfortunately we had to leave before we saw River.

2018 for Kyle and Olivia and River

Drivin’ and Vibin’ will be taking some time off the road this year while they refurbish a vintage Airstream they recently purchased. We are looking forward to watching their renovation videos.

Kyle and Olivia the people

This couple is so full of fun and love, you can’t help but smile when you are around them. They were open and so eager to answer any questions put to them. They held nothing back and were quite willing to accept new ideas and concepts from other people.

We have never met such a decent, grounded, giving young couple. They were quite honest to answer one question of “How did they feel about people approaching them to chat?” They replied “If we are out and about, it’s no problem, they have even had people come knock on their trailer door.” “But, if they don’t want to be found, you will not find them. Until a few days later when they put up a vlog about a great free campsite that they had just found” lol.

We really enjoyed meeting Kyle and Olivia and were so glad we made the trip to the Meet and Greet. We hope to meet them again some time along the road. Maybe when there are not so many people around and we could get to speak to them a little more privately and thank them for showing us the way to our new life and helping us over some rough patches even though they don’t know they did it :).




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