Post 72: Pheasant Ridge Winery, Lubbock, Texas

Pheasant Ridge Winery, Lubbock, Texas

Nov 12th, 2017

Tasting room at Pheasant Ridge Winery

Once again, Harvest Hosts came through for us with an awesome place to spend a free night! We were delighted  to spend the afternoon and evening at Pheasant Ridge Winery, Lubbock, Texas.

Our guide through their many choices of delicious wines was Dennis Harris. Dennis REALLY knew his wines. We were given a list of wines that we were being offered to taste test. We could make our own notes on preferences using this list.

Dennis then gave us the back ground on each wine which helped us appreciate the wine even more and gave us a real education along the way. We also learned that Pheasant Ridge Winery has won many awards for their various wines over the years right up to the present. Pheasant ridge Winery produces about 3000 to 4000 bottles a year, so kind of a boutique winery.

Decision Time arrived.

Still some grapes on the vines

Now we are never pressured to purchase any wine when we stop at these wineries. We are quite welcomed to do a taste test for a nominal fee (which is quite reasonable) and/or we may buy a glass of our favorite afterwards. Both of these practices are quite acceptable.

However, since they are allowing us the privileged of camping on their property for free, we usually like to buy 1 or 2 bottles of wine from the winery. If the people are super kind and/or we REALLY like their wines, we may buy even more:).

Joy did not have a difficult time choosing her favorite wine as she only drinks white wine. Joy chose a 2008 Chardonnay which had a light taste of butter and butter scotch in it. Quite exquisite!

Bill had a difficult time deciding on the wines he preferred. Finally after many tastings and re tastings, he chose a 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon Res, a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Back at the trailer…and meeting a friendly face

Lots of space for RVs, Thankyou Pheasant Ridge Winery!

Once we had our wines packed up in a box and thanked Dennis for his wonderful company, we headed back to our trailer. As we were setting up, this nice gentlemen came wandering over to say hello and began speaking to Bill.

After a little while, Joy went out to say hello. She joined the conversation as the gentleman was saying how the local coyotes will most likely come to serenade us tonight. Just to let us know that they don’t appreciate us on their property.

He laughingly told us how they like to eat the last of the grapes on the vines which are very bitter and then leave their undigested “Scat” right at the side of his truck door. lol. He believes the coyotes are making a statement as to say, “get off our land” lol.

Finally Bill asked if he worked at the winery, Joy at this point had already clued in that this kind gentleman was the owner (Bobby Cox) lol. The happy fellow smiled and said no, he was the Owner, janitor and what have you.

Winery produces 3000 to 4000 bottles a year

We chatted for a bit more, then said our good byes. We both agreed, we are interested to see how it goes tonight when the coyotes show up. How will our puppy Lucky will deal with that :)??

Just another adventure that keeps us smiling and looking forward to what will happen next :).

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