POST 21: Gully Road, Medicine Bow National Forest, Laramie, Wyoming

Gully Road, Medicine Bow National Forest

June 22nd and 23rd, 2017

Gully road, Laramie, Wyoming
Bill and the girls getting ready to go hiking.

We found this awesome FREE campsite in Campendium. Laramie, Wyoming  Government Gully Road, Medicine Bow National Forest .

We had to take this road slowly as it was a bit wash boardy (is that a word? lol.

Driving up  the road and we saw people camping in a few places. At the end of the road,  was a huge area which was empty. Too bad it was sandy and in a gully.

The gully wasn’t very deep which made going down into it not a problem. Our concern was coming out. We saw huge rain clouds in the distance.

This area a bit crowed for us. We decided to turn around. Back up the road a little way we found a wide open field.


I had read the rules of the National Forests. The rules stated that you are not supposed to go into the forests. The concern is a tree may fall blocking you in, therefore staying by the road is the rule.

Keeping the rules in mind, we pulled off the road to park. Our trailer door looking out over a massive field down to the beautiful town of Laramie below us.

Bill was nervous about parking on grass and not on an obvious campsite. He felt it was against the rules. Fortunately, we saw two Forest Rangers go by on two different occasions who never said a word to us. We took that as meaning, we were fine and it was acceptable where we were camping.

Most of the National Forest parks are patrolled we discovered.

Bill and the dogs loved this area, they went for several walks the two days we were there, exploring and hiking. We didn’t mind the rainy nights with the perfect sunny days.


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