POST 10: A BLM Campground, Penitente Canyon Campground near Del Norte Colorado

Penitente Canyon Campground

June 2nd and 3rd, 2017

We stayed at a beautiful  BLM campground near Del Norte, Colorado. Penitente Canyon Campground, what a great campground. The area was clean, with large sites, about 15 miles north of Del Norte. This awesome campground was  found in Campendium and Sites were only  $11 per night.

There are over 300 sport climbing routes near the area and many hiking paths. Several campers were avid climbers and/or hikers. Leaving early morning and returning at dusk was not unusual for them.

Advice from our campground Host

The campground host was very pleasant and gave us lots of interesting information. Seems that Rattle Snakes and Black Bears are quite common. On the good side, the dogs and Bill went hiking and didn’t see any snakes or bears lol.

Mr. Host’s advise was to stay out of the high grass, stick to the rocks and short grass, that we would be safer on open ground.  Good to know :)). Had to keep our eyes open for the local company :).

This was such a unique experience and our first BLM  site, we decided to spend 2 nights there.


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